What is IPL Laser System?

IPL Laser System is a non-invasive medical system that uses light to treat a wide variety of cosmetic conditions such as leg veins, pigmented lesions, tattoos, and unwanted hair. Based on the innovative PhotoDerm system, IPL Laser System safely eliminated these unsightly blemishes, without injections or surgery. IPL Laser System allows your doctor to customize treatments specifically for you. This flexible approach cannot be achieved with any other non-invasive method.

Which kinds of conditions does IPL Laser System treat?

IPL Laser System treats all sorts of leg veins from shallow spider veins, to deeper varicose veins, in addition to port wine stains and large vascular imperfections. IPL Laser System also treats benign pigmented lesions such as age spots, birthmarks, and tattoos. It also removes hair from most locations on the body. Ask you physician if IPL Laser System is appropriate for your particular condition.

Who are candidates for treatment?

Most people, including children, may be treated with IPL Laser System. To find out if you are a candidate call ALP-Arizona Laser Perfection to schedule your free consultation.

What is treatment like?

Treatment involves pulses of intense light, similar to the flash of a camera. You may feel a mild sting or pinch similar to the snap of a rubber band.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments may vary, depending on the severity and density of the cosmetic conditions.

Are there side effects?

You may experience some short term side effects. This may include slight reddening of the skin or local swelling, which goes away within a few days. In rare instances there may be some blistering.

Are there restrictions on my activity after treatment?

You can return to work the dame day and quickly resume regular activities. You should limit exposure to the sun, which is always a good idea. Imagine having your unwanted hair, leg veins, spider veins, age spots or other blemishes disappear. Now with a flash of a light, unwanted veins and blemishes can be gently eliminated with IPL Laser System. Whether on the face, arms, back, legs, or just about anywhere, IPL Laser System safely and effectively eliminates annoying hair.

How IPL Laser System Works?

During IPL Laser System treatment A flash of intense light penetrates skin to reach different sized veins, blemishes and hair.
Immediately after treatment Veins, blemishes and hair in process of disappearing.
Ask you physician for more information about IPL Laser System treatments.